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My name is Fred, and there are 3 things that I love more than life itself, music, fashion, and Britney "fucking" Spears. This will be my little home away from home where I post all the randomest shit that I can dream up...stirred in with a snarky comment or two.


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can we just appreciate frank grande for accepting his gay grandson with no questions asked and nonna aka marjorie grande for raising joan grande, a strong and confident independent and successful businesswoman who has raised both frankie and ariana to be beautiful, accepting, kind, caring and confident individuals who spread light and positivity with every action they do.

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When you and your squad are on point

When you and your squad are on point

This bitch. Love her!

This bitch. Love her!

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yes, that is britney spears, (who has sold more than 200 Million records, has six #1 albums, 2 diamond albums, has more than 400 awards, and is worth 200 million dollars) waiting in line to be served at starbucks wearing pyjamas

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Has your fav broken or tied any records this season? Mine has…


Victoria is currently tied with McCrae Olson for the record for most consecutive votes cast on eviction night with 10 straight.

  • Victoria always voted with the majority, while McCrae voted with the minority once.
Congrats, tell it!
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They asked Jill if she’s excited to meet Ariana/Joan. Jill thinks it’s going to be awkward meeting them. But then she said Joan has been very nice to them on twitter.

Then she said “No matter what happens after the show, Zach and Frankie will always be known as Zankie. Just like Mike and Will…

Despite all of Jill’s messiness, Joan will be nothing but gracious and classy.
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Has your fav broken or tied any records this season? Mine has…


7/29 7:24pm

Jacosta *looking at Zach*: Look at that little bitty stomach
Frankie: I still like him.I want to have sex with him.
Christine: Which one?
Frankie: Zach
Christine: to each their own 
Frankie: even like 15 pounds heavier, even 30 pounds heavier I’d still want to have sex with him.

And the haters were saying?
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Before I write this, let me take a time out to solidify to all the Zankie haters that come into this tag and call us all delusional 12 year old 1D stans…

I am a 25 year old mother to a sweet little boy, who has only heard one song by 1D in the entirety of my life…there’s that. Now back to what I…

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