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My name is Fred, and there are 3 things that I love more than life itself, music, fashion, and Britney "fucking" Spears. This will be my little home away from home where I post all the randomest shit that I can dream up...stirred in with a snarky comment or two.


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Yes Frankie, yes! Today is what I’m talking about. Shade them, drag them, put those peasants all in their place. People want to hate, let them hate. You tossed the pillow aside, gave your all in the HoH comp, gave zero fucks about Nicole crying for the thousandth time, and kept Caleb close by ALL NIGHT.

Now win that veto, and get Nicole’s complaining ass out once and for all!


Caleb to Derrick "I gotta win another HOH and keep my dude safe"

Okay now Caleb, protect your Queen!

He came through

It was just so cool to see those women, and knowing that they have my back, nothing else matters. On this planet, nothing else matters. If I have haters when I walk out of this house, I give zero fucks. As Madonna says ‘True stars are equally loved and hated.’ So fifty percent of the people who watch this show hate me. And they hate that I had a hand in voting out Donny. You know, they hate me for it. (…) So I’m like super feisty now, like ‘Fine, hate me, I’m going to continue to do well.’

Frankie Grande, 8/28 12:51 PM PST

In the words of Zach, WEEEEEERK.

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This is exactly what I was thinking…

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You know what the kicker will be, seeing paparazzi photos and social media pics of Zachary Colin Rance and Franklin James Grande, the haters dont last. The supporters do and the haters that do remain are the cockroaches, the mosquitoes, the people at the very bottom of the totem pole, the tertiary organisms of the food chain .
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I have no respect for Derrick, it’s one thing to manipulate on a game level, but this is his 100th time using “The Grandfather Thing” to manipulate Frankie. He brings it up every week, near eviction night, and it always works. Disgusting

I hope that in Frankie’s exit interview with Jeff, Jeff tells him exactly what Zach said. You just know the shade will be glorious.

I love you Frankie, I do. But I did not spend this week dragging haters on Tumblr/Twitter, left and right, to have you pulling a Ginamarie on me. I need my comp beast, I need my Queen, I need you to wake up and play. Stop sleeping. Stop sulking. And LET THE PILLOW GO. And if Caleb wants to sleep with you, you back it up into him like you mean it!!! This is the part when, you BREAK FREE!! Get it together.

UPDATE: Nick has responded

UPDATE: Nick has responded

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